I went to see Jasmin after a very painful breakup and after several jobs not working out. I was feeling very down, hopeless and in despair. Jasmin’s methods made me feel whole again and I feel like a transformed person. I now feel in control of my emotions, confident in myself and my gut and am ready to move forward with my life and achieve my goals. Sometimes you can’t do this by yourself and you need to let others help you. Jasmin’s tapping techniques are quite amazing, it allowed me to process my blocked emotions that couldn't be released by simply thinking about them over and over in my head. This technique lets you address and release experiences or emotions that might be holding you back.


No one can quite explain it but the physical pressure points you tap on do something very transformative. It’s very different to seeing a therapist or going for acupuncture which are therapies I have tried before but Jasmin’s has been by far the most successful and helpful. She combines expertise from psychologists, health and the spirit to really get to the core and I felt she really tuned into me and my individual experiences, which I found therapists weren’t able to do previously. The experience is very nourishing and empowering, Jasmin often emphasised that she helps facilitate the powers and positivity that is already within you, rather than giving us any magical cures and as a result I feel strong, stable and back on the straight and narrow path. If any of this resonates with you, I highly recommend you call or visit Jasmin, I hope she can help you the way she’s helped me! It’s worth the investment and time and I don’t think you’d regret it.

- Serena White, Surrey

I have no words to describe just how much my life has changed since being introduced to EFT.  I found it difficult to see my problems as worth fixing and talking about them always sounded so silly. Jasmin helped me see that ANY problem is a problem, it's how you choose to look at it and move past it that matters. At the beginning of my emotional freedom process, I felt like my journey of feeling ‘free’ was a million miles away. Little did I know that it would only take 4 sessions to overcome all my fears and anxieties! So much has changed for me in a month and I can’t thank Jasmin enough for guiding me to being able to open my mind and see the bigger picture. To anyone who feels as though their problems are too small to talk about or feels as though they will never get to a better place emotionally, take it from me, it is very much possible. Jasmin’s patience and understanding nature makes you calm and able to accept your feelings. At the end of the day, it’s all about mind over matter.

V. Banham, Surrey, UK

I would like to thank you for bringing Tapping into my life as it has changed me for the better and has made an immense difference  to the way I manage my life.

Your help and patience has enabled me to take a more positive view in situations, so therefore would recommend you to anyone suffering from anxiety or stress.

Also you have been a great help to my daughter who has had relationship and guilt problems and is continuing with the therapy.

- AL, Hampton UK

For almost 4 decades, I was carrying around oppressive and censoring energy obtained from the physical abuse of a violent uncle. After my first tapping session with Jasmin, I felt the grip of that energy diminish significantly. And that ever-present sense of something damaging, out of nowhere, about to happen to me, vanished. With only two sessions after this, I felt my own energy, free of any negative remnants from my uncle's violence, had restored itself, and health and inner peace became the norm in my life.


-Anonymous, London UK

 I would recommend Jasmin Tucker to anyone, she is lovely and a great listener, I felt very relaxed and safe when doing the therapy.  I have a had chronic back pain for 9 years.  She showed that she cared about how I was feeling, she even showed me how to use the tapping at home so I could bring down the level of intensity whenever it was high.  In general I am feeling much better now and my back pain is not as intense, all in all she has helped me release many negative emotions and perceptions I had of myself which were effecting my body causing me pain, now only with time I will recover completely however in my mind I feel oh so much lighter.  Thank you Jasmin.  You are amazing.


- Ama Z, Brighton, UK

I was introduced to tapping by my mother who has been helped greatly by Jasmin with her anxiety. Having gone through a relationship breakup, initially I was a bit nervous about talking about my problems to a person I didn't know as I live in Australia so my sessions were through Skype. But Jasmin had an amazing calming ability and intrinsic quality of making me feel relaxed as if I’d  known her for a life time. Regular Skype sessions have enabled me to move forward positively and I highly recommend this form of communication if you are not able to meet face to face.

She taught me to face my fears and that ' the process has to change for the result to change’.  Having an outsider look into my life with such depth and realise how much baggage I was holding... she has freed up my mind, decluttered it and refreshed it. Provided me with clarity that I cannot thank her enough for. My sessions with Jasmin have been full of laughter, smiles and tears of relief and it’s been a joy to rediscover myself. She is an inspiration and has opened my eyes and soul to the power of tapping. When ever I feel the need to tap, I do. It can make me cry but I always feel stronger afterwards. I would highly recommend Jasmin for any issues and blocks one may be experiencing in their life.

Thank you so much Jasmin for your invaluable help.


 - L Tempest, Sydney, Australia