Tapping Worldwide

Tapping is being trialled around the globe and people are experiencing great results. It is being welcomed in schools, colleges and universities as a useful self help tool. Students and teachers are crediting Tapping with increased performance, results and success. A stress buster on your fingertips means a more productive working environment for teachers and students and better results for schools. 

Tapping in the US

Tapping is fast growing in the US and being embraced by many. Nick Ortner explains how the process helps calm the amygdala.  

Schools in Austraila

Dr Peta Stapleton is a registered Clinical & Health Psychologist and Associate Professor in Psychology at Bond University, Australia. Trials were undertaken using Tapping within schools for stress relief. Watch the results of those trials here.

Pilot study in UK

Professor Tony Stewart is a qualified and experienced NHS Consultant and Public Health academic. He undertook a pilot study of EFT Tapping in England.  


Tapping is also popular in Spain, check out these lovely kids finding relief with this technique.

Tapping Endorsement 

World renowned life coach, author, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tony Robbins talks about the efficacy of Tapping.