My love affair with dōTERRA started in 2017 when a colleague practitioner in the US mentioned these oils and the benefits she and her family were reaping from them. She spoke about the potency and the purity of dōTERRA oils. Since that day, as the universe would have it, the name - dōTERRA kept popping up in conversations, on my FB and instagram feed. More and more people I met through work told me that they were using and loving these oils.

So I set out to do my own research. I have been using essential oils since 15 years but it was mainly for the aroma purposes and using them in the oil diffusers. Little did I know about the benefits of the plant based medicine and the well-being it could bring to me and my family.


There are so many essential oil companies out there and it’s so easy to get lost in the ocean of choices available. To tell one good oil from another without doing extensive research is almost impossible. Since I prefer to find out things first hand, I took it upon myself to research the essential oils (those available on the high street) v/s dōTERRA and wanted to find out what the fuss was really about.

Was I in for a surprise? Absolutely!! I have a collection and range of essential oils bought from the high street but since the day I had the chance to sample dōTERRA oils, the rest of my collection has been put in the back cupboard!

If you would like to try these oils then please contact me and I'll be happy to send you some samples. You can also buy the oils directly from My dōTERRA website and I will of course support you with their use. However, whether you are planning on using these wonderful oils in your home personally, or in a professional capacity, then you are ultimately better off setting up an account to receive wholesale prices (-25% retail price). I can talk you through this if you are interested to learn more.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

*PLEASE NOTE – these oils are very potent. They have so much power to heal but I would never assume to recommend dosages myself, and I feel strongly you should also not self-prescribe dosages. I can direct you to guidelines (set by experts) on how to use these oils, so please do ask, or conduct your own thorough research online, or in specialist books.*

dōTERRA (through rigorous, ethical growing and processing techniques, as well as in-depth testing, including using a third party for the final tests) are indeed of the highest grade of essential oils. The CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) standard they have chosen to abide by has been put in place so they can say with utmost confidence that these oils are 100% pure, and beyond organic due to the way they are grown (essentially they are as close to wild as possible).



Most essential oils available, need to contain only a small percentage of the oil they claim to be but are often topped up with fillers, carrier oils, and cheaper oils, and can frequently contain chemicals and pesticides. Oils go straight into our blood stream, whether we choose to put these oils in our bath, diffuse them, or apply them directly into our skin. So, ensuring the quality and purity of the oils is crucial.  dōTERRA oils are so pure you can take them internally, and this is where it makes them different to most other essential oils.


Apart from their physical and emotional benefits, it’s these oils that give flowers and plants their beautiful fragrances, which we can bring into our homes without the chemical nasties that come with artificial air fresheners.

I am now able to support my clients further with the help of these oils. There is an oil for every emotion and diffusing them in our home and office environment can really help uplift the mood. Also, knowing the purity of these oils, I am safely able to use them for cuts/grazes/burns/headaches for my family (following expert advice).