I became a therapist after being given a second chance to live. At the age of just 30 I was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition and had to undergo several complex surgeries. It left me feeling very anxious, fearful and in need of answers. I desperately wanted to regain my confidence.

Spending several months in hospital beds and flying in air ambulances certainly changes your life perspective. Narrowly escaping death and coming out the other side, nothing is really the same again. 


I had a powerful yearning to make sure I make the most of my second life. While my body recovered well from the surgeries, I was emotionally quite distraught. With 2 young kids, I knew I had to be strong and to learn to deal with it all positively. I lived in Hong Kong at the time and was open to all kinds of emotional healing and was blessed to meet some truly wonderful therapists. 

One of the techniques which helped me immensely was EFT. It was like a calming mechanism I could use at anytime to turn off my anxiety at will. After a few sessions with the therapist, I learned I could tap on myself about anything that bothered me. It really did change my life. I later decided to train as a practitioner so I could help people who are experiencing emotional imbalances.


I hope my experience can empower and inspire others.

I am trained in the following transformational modalities:


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) , Matrix Reimprinting,  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time line Therapy, Hypnosis and Coaching.